BLACK CACTUS GLOBAL (BCG), a global technology development company which finely coalesces technology along with Innovative solutions for all Businesses mainly focussing on Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

We have always strived to bring a difference to provide best services and solutions with reduced costs, reliability, qualitative standards, data security and secure transactions.

At BCG, we adhere to deliver excellence. Hence, we are always in search of developing pioneering solutions and make your businesses more compelling and exclusive.

BCG develops, designs and maintain Web applications, Mobile applications, Product development and Cloud services. We ensure our customers, our never compromising attitude on Quality Standards for data security and secure transactions.

To build and grow our business we make sure that our workforce is well versed with updated technological advancements in the industry.

In this competitive world where innovation cycles are measured in days and weeks, our solutions are implanted with innovation at their core to make today’s businesses apposite for tomorrow.


By practicing high standards of ethics and fulfilling our commitment, we always aim at delivering excellence. We are committed to the practice of choosing to be fair and candid.

Customer Centric

We respect our customers and always look to create a positive experience by understanding their business needs and offering suitable solutions and services.



We made it a habit to deliver our solutions and services consistently well and our relationships truthful.



We always have shown our willingness to change & modify to our customers need in order to deliver a successful product.


Constant communication will lead to strong partnership and better outcome.



Ownership is a key factor in accelerating growth and development of a business.