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Who We Are

Black cactus Global (BCG) is a successful Technology development company focusing on Blockchain, Machine Learning and IoT for your continued growth through our Innovative solutions and services. By harnessing the power of AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science, IoT, and other emerging technologies, we create a myriad of opportunities for customers to innovate and achieve scalability, increased efficiency, and operational agility.


We offer our Blockchain technology solutions and services to start-ups, small & large organisations. Some of our products include Digital wallet, compliance, foreign exchange etc…

Digital Wallet

In these emerging markets, our digital wallet service provides users with access to hassle-free mobile money services such as send/ receive money, paying utility bills, shopping etc. we also follow strict KYC & AML compliance to avoid any fraudulent activities, at the same time maintaining the transactions securely.

Foreign Exchange

Our foreign exchange solution is designed to facilitate financial centres that mainly exchange currencies. Our solution is customizable to suit your business requirements and also helps to minimize the loss from the fluctuating currency market.

KYC Compliance

With Blockchain, AI & machine learning technologies, our solution reduces workload for companies, minimize economic costs and simplify the demands for compliance. Digital identity, Verification and live authentication feature which complies with KYC and AML policies relieve the companies from all the hassles.


Our Vision

To foresee ourselves down the line as being one of the top solution providers, develop Blockchain solutions and support the new technological world to secure transactions of value with speed, transparency and benefit our Customers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver blockchain based technology platform and services around the globe and utilize the application of blockchain to enhance the data security for all digital transactions and avoid or reduce fraudulent activities.


Blockchain is the Future. Many public and private businesses have already started using Blockchain technology and basing on the survey conducted by accredited institutions, suggest that all sectors will start implementing the technology within few years from now or have already started.

BCG provides services that utilizes Artificial Intelligence, machine Learning and IoT to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the product and gives rich customer experience.

Why Choose US

We focus on these key factors to exhibit our presence in the market.

Data Security

We use key management practices to protect data from unauthorized access and corruption.


We are very honest and practice strict moral and ethical principles towards our Customers.

Secure Transaction

We take strict measures to secure the transactions and information provided by the Customer.


We update ourselves to come up with new ideas, thoughts through applications and methods to meet market needs.